Happy N Ranch consists of 103 acres with state of art equine facilities designed for maximum health and safety of our horses.  The pastures range in size from 1 to 4 acres and are seeded with a blend of 4 types of grass seeds.  The pastures are permanent and stay green year round.  All stalls have corrals, making them “in & outs”.  The stall/corral total measurement is 12’ x 28’. 

The flooring in the stalls is cement with drains in the center all covered with rubber mats, allowing us to maintain a high degree of cleanliness and dryness. The corrals attached to the stalls are made with heavy gauge 1-7/8ths galvanized steel and are classified as “stud panels”, maximizing safety between the horses.  The outdoor corrals are also constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel (stud panels), measure 12’ x 24’ and have shelters. There are tie posts and hitch rails at every pasture so the horses do not have to be taken too far away from their friends when the farrier or vet comes by, thus minimizing their stress. We emphasize a quiet daily routine for all of our guests.